ABOUT OUR INVENTORY                                                                                                              WE PRINT EVERYTHING IN HOUSE AND ONSITE SO THERE'S NO PRINT ON DEMAND. WE'LL STRIVE WITH HARD WORK AND DETERMINATION TO GET OUR PRODUCT TO YOU 2-3 DAYS DIRECT FROM SOURCE.                                                                                                                            * HOW LONG HAVE YOU GUYS  BEEN AROUND?                                                                                                                                                         WE'VE HAD THIS CONCEPT A FEW YEARS BUT WE'RE JUST NOW CROSSING OUR 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY HERE  IN APRIL OF THIS YEAR(2021). OUR FAMILY PULLED OUR RESOURCES TOGETHER,TOOK CLASSES TOGETHER AND MADE IT HAPPEN TOGETHER                                            ~ PINKSTON FAMILY~                                                                                              * WHAT IS THE QUALITY OF YOUR T SHIRTS?                                                                                                OUR TSHIRTS COME IN A VARIETY FROM %100 TO 50/50 POLYBLENDS. OUR MAIN SUPPLIER IS GILDAN , SIMPLEX AND BELLA CANVAS..... ALL TSHIRTS ARE PRE SHRUNK!                                                ~MANAGEMENT~                                                                                                             * WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR IDEAS FROM?                                                                                        HAVING A BIG IMAGINATION, THE KNOW HOW AND THE RIGHT TOOLS HELP OUT A LOT... AND SOME TIMES ITS LISTENING TO YOUR SPIRIT AND IGNORING WHAT SOMEBODY ELSE MAY OR MAY NOT THINK/SAY.                                                                                                            * ARE YOU OPENED ON HOLIDAYS?                                                                                                            WE ARE AVAILIBLE EVERDAY, ALL DAY EXCEPT FOR CHRISTMAS, NEW YEARS DAY AND THANKSGIVING.                               ~BLACK DAD GANG~                                                                                                    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US FROM THE INFO PROVIDED ON CONTACT US PAGE ..... PEACE AND LOVE FROM ALL @ BLACK DAD GANG