In 1997, I was struck by a stray bullet that caused the loss of my right eye. I was rushed to the E.R at Southern Regional hospital in Riverdale, Ga. My survival was uncertain due to several complications. In the ER, lying in the bed, in critical condition, it was my father (CEO of BDG) that whispered the most calming and encouraging words of life in my ear "SEE IT THROUGH SON". Those very words brought my mind and body to a stable condition, my blood pressure (10/30) was brought back to normal and the doctors were able to proceed with my procedure. But "see it through" weren't the only words of wisdom he gave me through my years. My father use to always say 
"As a man thinks, so shall he be". Those were the words he said when I got out of the hospital. My father handed me his key's to his 1988 Lincoln and said your driving home. This was preparing me for my journey on the road of life. When I started to drive I had to find the right song on the radio for my riding music... The first song on the radio was a song titled "Smile" by Scarface. Even though it hurt to smile due to the bullet left in my jaw bone, I smiled and cried tears of joy for my survival. My old man's words played in my head "as you think, so shall you be. Reflecting on the change in music from that day to today's music is a big transition. Our youth don't understand the power in words. Nobody smiles! And the content is full of gang VIOLENCE, That enforces the phrase "DEMON TIME", and men and women refer to themselves as savages. (As YOU THINK, SO SHALL YOU BE)
 The media platforms and outlets encourage and personify the gang culture that puts brother against brother. Being a victim of Gun violence, I felt the moral responsibility to change the narrative, put fatherhood before a neighborhood and identify our common bond... We're all connected to a Gang of black DADS..
The brand speaks to black men, for black men and speaks to the black woman in reassurance of co-parenting and family, because no one person should have to do alone. Our BDG logo is a symbol with meaning, Our crown is a sign for royalty, that encourage black men to think as kings and the beard is a symbol of Growth, that shows we've come a long way and got so much further to Grow. That is the message delivered in our design.
We as black father's must be compelled to tell our  youth in these critical conditions  "see it through". So that they may think and shall be as kings ....BUILDING GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS.